Updates Preferences

The Updates page of the Preferences window includes options to help keep the app up-to-date.

Time Out is updated periodically, adding new features, improving existing ones, and fixing issues. It's important to keep the app current so you get the benefit of these improvements.

Automatically check for updates: Check this box to periodically query the Dejal server. If there's an update, you'll be notified.

Via SSL: Using secure communication is preferred, so this should be left checked, but if for some reason this doesn't work, it can be unchecked.

Desired releases: With this pop-up menu, you can specify whether you are interested in Only General Releases, or both Beta & General Releases. The default is Only General Releases if you have never used a beta release of Time Out, or Beta & General Releases if you've used a beta release. It is disabled when using beta releases.

Automatically download and install updates: If this checkbox is on, Time Out won't bother you about updates; it'll install them for you. Useful to ensure you're always using the latest release (which is a good idea). It's off by default.

Check Now: Click this button to look for a new release immediately. It is equivalent to the Check for Updates... command in the Action menu.

Below these controls are displayed the release notes for the latest release, including pop-up menus to choose the range of versions included. A useful reference. This is the only thing on the page for the Setapp and Mac App Store editions of the app.