Break Themes

Break themes use HTML, CSS, JavaScript and other web standards to display content during the break. Each kind of break can have a different theme, set on the Break Appearance page.

See the default themes via the Reveal Themes item in the Theme pop-up menu on the Break Appearance page. You can also find additional themes on the Time Out Extras [web link] web page.

Time Out supports two kinds of themes: Local and Remote.

Remote Themes

Remote themes are simply a URL to an online website. Any website can be added as a remote theme; all you need is the URL and some basic information about it. Some sites are more suitable for break themes than others, of course.

Learn more about remote themes.

Local Themes

Local themes are a little more complex: they are web pages hosted on your computer. They could be as simple as a single static page with some text or an image, or a full web app, running locally.

Learn more about local themes.