Support Time Out Preferences

The Support Time Out page of the Preferences window includes options to help development of the app.

Time Out can be downloaded and tried for free, for as long as you like. Some of the more advanced features are reserved for supporters of the app, but you can try all of the features for a short time to see if they are beneficial.

If you find the app useful, you can make a small contribution to help with further improvements. As a reward for your support, all of the features of the current version will remain available permanently.

You can become a supporter for three, six or twelve months. Don't worry, the rewards will remain available after this period; it's much like a tip jar where you can make a periodic contribution if the app continues to help you. But it's totally optional: you can use the basic features without paying anything if you want, or contribute once to get all the features, or renew your support at any time. It isn't a subscription; it is a one-time payment, that you can repeat if you wish.

The Support Time Out page is where you can play your part. Click the Learn More button to show a popover with more information and frequently asked questions.

In the middle of the window are three options for the three supporter durations, with associated buttons. Click a price to toggle the button to a Buy button, then click again to show the in-app purchase. For the direct edition, a popover with a secure form powered by FastSpring. For the Mac App Store edition, the usual in-app purchase panel appears. In either case, once you complete the purchase the app will automatically update to show your supporter status.

Below the payment options are two buttons:

Restore Previous Purchases: If you previously purchased Time Out, click this button to display a popover with name and email fields. Enter your name and the email you used for your purchase, and click Restore. The purchase will be looked up on the Dejal server.

Redeem Promo Code: If you have a Time Out promo code, click this button to display a popover with name, email and code fields. Enter the information and click Redeem to look it up and add a supporter status. You'll also receive an email confirmation.