Setup Assistant window

The Setup Assistant window appears when you first open Time Out, to suggest a couple of kinds of breaks and other options.

The first page suggests the two default breaks: "Normal" and "Micro".

The "Normal" break defaults to 10 minutes every hour, though you can change the duration and/or frequency as desired, or omit this kind of break entirely if you prefer. This long break is a great time to get up and do some exercises, walk around a bit, or otherwise get away from your computer for a few minutes.

Similarly, the "Micro" break defaults to 15 seconds every 15 minutes, as a very brief rest for your eyes. Just long enough to close your eyes or look away for a moment, and perhaps adjust your position.

Once you've chosen your breaks, click Continue to proceed to the next page. Or you can bypass the assistant and set things up from scratch via the Skip button.

The second page has a description of the idle detection handling, called "natural breaks". As it explains, Time Out can detect mouse and trackpad usage to tell when you're using the computer, but needs permission to detect keyboard usage. It doesn't record keys typed, just that you're typing something as an indication you're using the Mac. To enable this, you need to add Time Out to the Accessibility list in the Privacy system preferences. Click the button and follow the instructions to do so. Then click Continue to show the Preferences window and fine tune the settings as desired.