Break Schedule page

The Schedule page of the Break page in the Preferences window includes controls for how long to take the break, how often, and other options to refine the experience.

Break for: How long do you want the break to last? Set the duration of the break here. This control is quite flexible (and open source [web link]): it works like the standard date picker, but for time intervals. Click on a component to edit it; type a value, click again to show a pop-up menu of values, use up/down arrow keys or the stepper control to cycle through values, and left/right arrows or Tab and Shift-Tab to change components.

Every: How often do you want a break? Set the frequency of the break here.

Available: By default breaks are always available, but supporters can limit the break to a specified time range each day. This is useful for example to only have breaks during working hours.

Next due: This control shows the date and time when this break will next occur. It can be edited if desired.

When taking a natural break: A "natural break" is when the computer is idle. Time Out can handle this situation in different ways:

The default is Count Backwards. Choosing another option is a supporter reward.

Skip this break if one with a higher priority...: This checkbox uses the order of breaks in the sidebar to automatically skip the break if a more important one is due within a specified time interval. This is generally a good idea, so is the default. Supporters can disable it, and might want to do so for fixed-time breaks (e.g. lunchtime or afternoon snack).

When this break is due: Normally the break is started immediately when it is due. Supporters can instead opt to wait for 15 seconds of idle before starting, so you can finish your thought. If the Mac remains busy for a minute after due, the break starts anyway, so you don't miss out.