Break Name page

The Name page of the Break page in the Preferences window includes a name field and other controls.

Name: Edit this field to rename the break to whatever you wish. You don't need to include the word "Break" in the name.

Label: Assign a color label to help identify the break. The color is shown in the sidebar and the Status popover. The color picker has two parts: click on the left side to show a palette of colors, or the right side to show the full color picker panel.

Show as mini pie chart of postponed/skipped/done today: If this box is checked, the label color is displayed as a small pie chart instead of a solid color, with segments for the number of times this break has been postponed, skipped, or done on the current day.

Start: You can optionally assign a global keyboard shortcut to manually start this break. This shortcut works from any app, and is shown in the sidebar. This feature is only available to supporters; if not a supporter, a heart icon animates next to the control to indicate this (click it for more information).

Comments: A large text field where you can write a reminder of what this break is for, or whatever else you wish.