During a break, the screen(s) slowly fade over the number of seconds specified on the Break Appearance page, and the chosen theme and a floating control panel appears.

If you have multiple screens on your Mac, the theme and control panel only appear on the one you specified on the Appearance page.

Actions can be performed when a break is due, fading in, fading out, and other times. See the Actions page for more information.

Break themes use HTML, CSS, JavaScript and other web standards to display content during the break. Learn more about themes.

The control panel is a small floating window that appears over the theme, with a progress bar and optionally buttons to postpone or skip the break. You can move the control panel anywhere on the screen, and the position will be remembered for next time.

The buttons to postpone the break by a few minutes, or skip this break, can be customized on the Appearance page; either disabled entirely, or the number of minutes changed for the postpone buttons, or have the buttons appear disabled for a few seconds, to give you a moment to ensure you really want to postpone or skip.

Below the buttons can be displayed (via an option on the Appearance page) the number of times this break has been postponed or done, and the number left (if limited).

When the break comes to an end, it fades out again (or immediately disappears if you postpone or skip).