Break Appearance page

The Appearance page of the Break page in the Preferences window is where you can choose a theme to display during the break, and other options.

Theme: A major feature of Time Out is the ability to show customizable themes during breaks. Here you can choose which theme to display during a break, if you're a supporter; otherwise the app icon is always used (but you can try other themes for a while).

In addition to the themes, the Theme pop-up menu includes four special items:

Click the Info button next to the Theme pop-up menu to display a small popover with information about the selected theme, including who created the theme, a link to the original source (if any), and a brief description of it.

Preview: Click this button to try the theme now; this is actually equivalent to manually starting the break.

On screen: If you have multiple screens attached to your Mac, this pop-up menu enables you to choose which screen the break appears on. If there's only one screen, this doesn't appear.

Background color: A color can be chosen for the background of the theme. The color picker has two parts: click on the left side to show a palette of colors, or the right side to show the full color picker panel. Note that depending on the chosen theme, the color may not be visible, since themes can override this. The Opacity slider and field can be used to set how see-through the background is; more detailed themes look better with more opaque backgrounds.

Other screens: If there are multiple screens, the color and opacity of non-theme screens can also be set.

Break controls: These three checkboxes enable you to show or hide the postpone and skip buttons in the break control panel, and choose how many minutes to offer for the two postpone buttons.

Mindfulness: This section includes an option to disable the Postpone and Skip buttons for a few seconds. You can choose how long. This feature helps break a habitual clicking of the buttons; to encourage you to consider if you really need to skip a break. It also has a checkbox to enable displaying the number of times a break has been postponed, skipped, and/or done each day, so you know how "good" you're being today; this is displayed below the buttons during a break, and also via a tooltip on the break label in the sidebar. These are both available as supporter rewards.

Control limits: This includes two checkboxes to enable limiting the number of times the break can be postponed and/or skipped each day. Useful if you find those buttons too hard to resist, but still want them there sometimes. This is also a supporter reward. Don't you just want to become a supporter?!