Activity page

The Activity page in the Preferences window is where you can optionally see a graphical display of breaks taken and/or apps used.

At the top of the window, page buttons enable you to switch between the Activity page (described below) and the Statistics page.

By default, Time Out doesn't track any activity, for privacy reasons. If you wish, you can turn on tracking for breaks and/or apps via the button at the top of the page. Note that this is a supporter feature, so activity tracking will automatically turn off after an hour if you aren't yet a supporter.

You can choose to track only breaks, or only apps, or both, or neither. You can also clear the recorded activity via that button.

Note also that recorded activity lives on your Mac, and isn't shared with anyone else.

Once there is some activity recorded, it is displayed in a scrollable chart, with bars representing each break, app, idle, or screensaver/sleep/etc.

On the right-hand side of the Activity page is a slider to zoom the scale; you can also pinch to zoom on a trackpad. The scale goes from 1 day to 1 minute, or even to individual activity items.

Each line of the activity chart shows the activity grouped together for the scale time period, arranged with breaks before apps, and the longest first. For example, if at a 15 minute scale, it might show 5 minutes of a break, 5 minutes of Safari usage, 3 minutes of Mail, 2 minutes of natural breaks (idle).

Hover over an activity in the chart to see a tooltip with the break or app name, how many times it occurred in this time period, and for how long.