Test Info > Service

The Service page of the Test Info pane varies depending on which service plug-in is selected in the pop-up menu at the top. When you choose a service from this menu, the fields below change accordingly.

A service is a particular configuration of a service plug-in. A service plug-in does the actual work of checking the tests. There can be multiple services based on the same service plug-in, e.g. the IMAP, POP, SMTP, and SSH services are all variations of the Port Service Plug-in, each using a different port and with different session scripts. Similarly, the FTP Directory Listing, Samba SMB, Screenshots, and other services are based on the very versatile Script Service Plug-in.

You can add your own services, or modify these, via the Services list.

The default services are as follows. Click each to read more about them:

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