Test Info > Filter > Find

The Find filter is displayed when you choose Find in the Filter pop-up menu in the Test Info pane.

The default Find Keyword, Find Regular Expression, HTML Body, and other filters are based on the Find filter plug-in.

This filter is as easy or powerful as you want: it supports both simple text matching and regular expression searches.

Some filters may display controls to enter the text to look for, others may not display anything, if they are pre-configured to look for specific text.

Click on the Find drop-down menu to reveal the power of this filter. There are six find and replace options to choose from:

The filter can use simple text matching, or advanced regular expressions. It can also ignore case (by default), or be case sensitive.

If using simple text matching, it supports finding Contains, Starts With, Whole Words, and Ends With.

For regular expression mode, it has a helpful menu of regular expression operators to help build expressions, including a dynamically-updating list of capture group markers for replacements.

The Find-based filter can result in success, and thus detect changes via the checkbox in the Options page of the Filter Info pane. Or it could result in a failure if the text was or wasn't found, if desired — useful to detect text that mustn't or must be there. This behavior is configured in the Edit Filter view.

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