Notifier Info > Notifier Kind > Twitter plug-in

The Twitter plug-in is displayed when you choose Twitter in the Notifier Kind pop-up menu in the Notifier Info pane.

This plug-in enables you to send updates or direct messages to yourself or others via the popular Twitter service. View Simon notifications anywhere you can see tweets — on the web [web link], in a Twitter client app, or on your phone.

Account: Choose your Twitter account, so Simon knows who to send the update or message from. You might want to create a special Twitter account just for Simon's use, e.g. the Dejal SimonBot [web link] one. If you don't see your account listed, go to System Preferences and the Internet Accounts pane to add an account.

Post Update: Select this radio button to send a public update to the Twitter timeline.

Send Direct Message: Select this to send a private message to a specified Twitter follower.

Insert Variable: Variables are markers in the text that are replaced by another value when the notifier is used. Use this menu to insert a variable in the message. Refer to the Variables page for descriptions of the available variables.

Message: Enter text to post in the update or direct message. You can include variables to construct useful sentences.

This plug-in was originally written by Daniel Ellis [web link].