Notifier Info > Notifier Kind > Growl plug-in

The Growl plug-in is displayed when you choose Growl in the Notifier Kind pop-up menu in the Notifier Info pane.

This plug-in uses the popular third-party Growl [web link] notification service, that uses small floating panels to announce notifications on-screen.

Insert variable: Variables are markers in the text that are replaced by another value when the notifier is used. Use this menu to choose from the available variables. When one is chosen, it is inserted at the insertion point, or replaces the selected text. Refer to the Variables page for descriptions of the available variables.

Text field: Enter the text to include in the Growl notification when this notifier is used. You can insert variables like those shown between braces. See the Insert variable item above, or expert users can type them directly.

Priority: Choose the urgency of the notification. Note that not all Growl templates support this.

Sticky Notification: If this is checked, the notification panel will remain on-screen until it is clicked. When you click it, an optional action will occur. If this is unchecked, the notification will fade out after a few seconds.

Click Action: For sticky notifications, choose what to do when the notification panel is clicked. The choices include None, Move Simon to the front, Bounce the dock icon, Select the test in Simon, Preview, and Visit Site.

This plug-in was written by Daniel Ellis [web link].