Notifier Info > Notifier Kind > Email plug-in

The Email plug-in is displayed when you choose Email in the Notifier Kind pop-up menu in the Notifier Info pane.

Insert variable: Variables are markers in the text that are replaced by another value when the notifier is used. Use this menu to choose from the available variables. When one is chosen, it is inserted at the insertion point, or replaces the selected text. Refer to the Variables page for descriptions of the available variables.

Text field: Enter the text for the body of the email when this notifier is used. You can insert variables like those shown between braces. See the Insert variable item above, or expert users can type them directly.

To: Enter the recipient of the email here. You must provide at least one recipient in either the To or Cc fields, or no message will be sent. You can just use an email address, e.g. "" (without the quotes), or a name and address in the standard format, e.g. "Dejal <>" (without the quotes). This field supports auto-completion and has a drop-down menu that lists matching entries from your Address Book.

Cc: This field is the same as the To field, but for the "carbon-copy" header.

From: For the Apple Mail transport, this is a pop-up menu, which lists the mail accounts from Apple's Mail app. For other transports, it is a field; enter your email address. This value is required.

Reply-To: Use this field if you want to have any replies go to a different address than your From one. This field is not available for the Apple Mail transport.

Subject: Enter a subject for the email message. You can include variables in this field: if this field is the active field (i.e. it has a selection or insertion point), a variable chosen in the Insert variable pop-up menu will be inserted or replaced in this field.

X-Header: You can optionally add an extra header to the email message. Type the header name in the left field; do not use any spaces. Enter the associated value in the right field; this field also supports inserting variables. These fields are not available for the Apple Mail transport.

Transport: Leave this at Apple Mail to use Apple's Mail app to send the email. It will be launched in the background if not already running, and the sent emails will be in your Sent mailbox. Or choose a SMTP server or Sendmail tool to use to send messages with this notifier. If you haven't created any yet, choose Add Server... to add one via the Email Transport Options panel. The Apple Mail transport is recommended, unless you need more control.

Options: This button will display the Email Transport Options panel to allow editing the chosen transport method.

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