Notifier Info > Notifier Kind > Calendar plug-in

The Calendar plug-in is displayed when you choose Calendar in the Notifier Kind pop-up menu in the Notifier Info pane.

This plug-in enables you to add events or tasks to Apple Calendar or Reminders. Failure and recovery events even cover the actual downtime range.

Notify with: Choose where to notify. Select Calendar Event to add an event to the Apple Calendar or Reminder to add a to-do item to Apple Reminders.

Calendar: Choose which calendar to add the event or task to. This is populated from the ones you have available.

Insert Variable: Variables are markers in the text that are replaced by another value when the notifier is used. Use this menu to choose from the available variables. When one is chosen, it is inserted at the insertion point, or replaces the selected text. Refer to the Variables page for descriptions of the available variables.

Notes: Enter a note to use in the event or task to clarify what this relates to. You can use the Insert Variable drop-down menu to insert test-specific values.

Append notes: If this checkbox is selected, the notes are added to the end of the event/task if using this notifier for a recovery as well as a failure. Otherwise the recovery note will replace the failure one.

This plug-in was written by Daniel Ellis [web link].