Edit menu

The standard Edit menu contains the usual Undo, Redo, Cut, Copy, etc commands. In addition, it contains some commands for the Monitor window:

Select None: This function is similar to the standard Select All command, but does the reverse: all selected lines are de-selected. Very useful if some tests are selected, to see the changes etc for all tests.

Mark as Unviewed: This command will add a yellow indicator icon to the Tests list for each selected line, or for all lines if none are selected. If any line already has an indicator, the item changes to Mark as Viewed, which will remove the indicators. There is also a toolbar button to perform this action.

Back: This function reloads the previously viewed page in the Preview pane.

Forward: If you have used the Back command, this function will return you to the subsequent page, as you might expect.

Find: This is a standard find sub-menu, with commands to help find text. Useful in the Source or Preview windows.