Welcome to Simon!

Simon is the essential site monitoring tool for macOS, and Dejal's flagship product. It checks servers for changes or failures, and notifies you via email, sound, speech, or other means. You can use it to track updated sites, and to alert you when an important server goes down or recovers. It can be used to monitor your own website and servers, track posts and new comments on your or friends' blogs, check for web mail, get notifications of updates to favorite news and entertainment websites, keep an eye on auctions, communicate with arbitrary servers, and many other uses.

Simon is very intuitive, so you can probably find out everything you need to know just by using and exploring the application. But if you prefer to read up about software before using it, or would like more information about some aspect, this help book is here to help.

If you have any suggestions for features, find something that needs clarification, or other feedback, please let us know [web link] so we can improve the application and/or help book.

We hope that you enjoy using Simon!

To get started, go to the Help Home or Index and choose a topic.