Filter Info > Options

The Options page of the Filter Info pane lets you specify how this filter should be categorized: when the current status of the test (i.e. the service and/or any previous filters) is a success or failure.

Unchanged: Check this box if this filter is appropriate when the status is unchanged. This will simply make it appear in the pop-up menu in the Filters page of the Test Info pane, so it can be chosen when the current status of the test is unchanged.

Changed: Check this box if this filter is appropriate when the status is changed, similar to the above checkbox. To make the filter available when successful (i.e. not a failure), check both boxes.

Failure: Similar to the checkbox above, this indicates that this filter can be used for failures, e.g. when a site goes down.

Look for changes to the input text: If this checkbox is selected, the filter will compare its output against the previous time it was used for this test, and result in a Changed status if they are different, or Unchanged if the same. If this checkbox is off, it will always result in Unchanged (unless there's an error).

Allow customization in the Edit Test window: If this checkbox is on, controls appear in the Test Info Filters page to configure the filter. If off, no controls will be included, so the configuration entered in this window will always be used. This is useful if making a very specific filter, e.g. to find the body of a web page, as opposed to a general-purpose one.

Timeout if not finished within: Specify the maximum amount of time that this filter can take to complete. (Most filters complete instantly, but script-based ones could take longer.)